Power selling: Why product demos are key to selling consumer electronics

For nearly half of consumers who attend branded events and experiences – which includes in-store engagement – the primary purchase decision factor by far is getting a sample or seeing a demonstration*.

We know from experience how effective a product sample can be, especially for grocery items. But consumer electronics can't always be 'sampled' in the traditional sense, and that's why product demonstration is key.

The power of demonstration

  • A product demonstration adds interest and theatre to store, increasing customer dwell time
  • It can bolster a sales pitch by adding proof to product claims
  • As well as seeing the product in use, consumers get to see - and talk to - an expert user of the product, who can allay concerns, explain the product features, and give personalised advice
  • The demonstration increases consumer awareness and knowledge - which, even if it does not convert on the day, can lead to future purchase

We know it works

We love the chance to feature a product demonstration in our campaigns for electrical goods, because we know they deliver fantastic results. Here are 3 recent demo campaigns we've delivered in the high street for well-known personal care brands...

Case study 1: Electric shavers

  • 185 activity days
  • 102 customer engagements per day
  • 452% sales uplift

Case study 2: Electric toothbrushes

  • 411 activity days
  • 40 demonstrations per day
  • 379% sales uplift

Case study 3: Electric shaver and electric toothbrush

  • 35 activity days
  • 2 electric products
  • 346% sales uplift

So don't wait

Google search data shows that interest in electric personal care and beauty items peaks in late November each year. In-store activity in October and November is the perfect way to take advantage of this seasonal interest. So get in touch now to secure the best stores and the best dates for your brand.

*2018 The Event & Experiential Marketing Industry Forecast & Best Practices Study

Header image credit: Colgate in-store product demonstration by N2O

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