When two become one

When it comes to creating a memorable brand experience, working in collaboration with another (and sometimes completely different) brand can sometimes work wonders for brand recognition and advocacy.

KLM and Airbnb In 2014, KLM and Airbnb devised a giant experiential campaign on board a jet plane, fully kitted-out as an apartment, at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Airbnb guests could win an overnight stay on the plane, winners selected from those guests who clicked ‘contact host’ during a given time period, stating why they deserved to spend a night aboard the plane.

The activity incorporated radical and contemporary design elements, resulting in a powerful and compelling brand partnership.

Ikea and Airbnb Airbnb, this time, partnered with Swedish furniture favourite Ikea to create an enticing experiential marketing activity in Sydney, inviting guests to win a stay in the Ikea/Airbnb apartment.

The Airbnb listing advertised the property as boasting ‘an ideal location near the airport, with city skyline views’. Winners were fully catered for by the Ikea café and given advice to make their own home Airbnb-friendly, the perfect way to associate the two brands in people’s minds.

Caras and Neutrogena Caras, a Portuguese magazine known for its freebies, gave away a pack of Neutrogena Deep Clean wipes with a difference with their July 2015 issue. The reader could use the wipes to remove the makeup of the magazine’s cover girl.

A really clever way to demonstrate use of the product at the same time as involving readers with the magazine.

Pepsi and Air France Back in ’96, Pepsi stepped away from its red and blue corporate colours to visually set itself apart from Coca Cola. To publicise the major re-branding, Pepsi partnered with Air France to brand their flagship aircraft Concorde, in bright electric Pepsi blue.

Along with supermodels Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, 40 journalists were flown in from 40 countries to witness the news conference and the Pepsi Concorde flight take off.

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