What's in vogue: the influence of beauty trends

Trends drive growth.

The UK beauty sector has seen robust growth, particularly in the colour cosmetics category, driven by high levels of engagement with make-up trends.*

Whether it’s face contouring, eyebrow shaping or nail art, consumers are increasingly looking to the latest beauty trends (and trend-setters – now known in the biz as ‘influencers’) for expertise and inspiration.

A piece of the beauty pie.

For cosmetics brands, it’s crucial to understand where beauty and makeup consumers get their ideas and advice, in order to make the most of this market growth. Based on the direction of beauty trends, brands can develop new products or re-position the messaging on existing ones. They can also get (or try to get) the ears of influencers themselves, to become part of the beauty trends rather than simply following them.

Take the lead.

For physical retailers, this is a golden opportunity to capitalise on the demand for expert advice and inspiration. Cosmetics stores and their staff are perceived to have a certain level of expertise – more so than purely online retailers – meaning that consumers can be enticed into store with the promise of guidance and the opportunity to try different products.

Experiential campaigns and events are ideally placed to amplify stores’ existing gravitas. For instance, our research shows that more than one-third of women aged 16 to 34 would be interested in attending in-store beauty masterclasses.* Influencer events and free beauty services can also establish beauty retailers and brands as authorities on the latest beauty trends.

Is your beauty brand ready to blaze a trail? Talk to us about how experiential marketing can make it happen.

*Sources: Mintel, IGD

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