There’s more to shopping than easy payment

According to Campaign, ‘if retailers want consumers to keep using their physical stores, they will have to work hard to make paying as frictionless as possible.’

We’re all for technology that makes payment quicker and easier, but isn’t there more to shopping than just the transaction?

A real experience

Even now, as we gleefully pay via contactless, and oh, the satisfaction when mobile payment works (but so cringeworthy when it doesn’t!!), how we pay isn’t what defines our shopping experience. Give us all the chatbots and messaging apps in the world, but as an agency it’s the whole experience we’re interested in - from grabbing a trolley to unpacking at home.

More and more shoppers are going online to get a bargain and enjoy door-to-door delivery, but it’s arguable whether the experience of buying online can equal that of shopping in store.

Opportunities for brands

Of course, when we’re picking up necessaries like toilet roll, bread and milk, it’s likely we just want to get to the checkout asap. But when it comes to grocery shopping for the whole family, shoppers can be looking for more - meal inspiration, treats for the weekend and new items the whole family can enjoy – that they just won’t get online.

With open minds like these, in-store shoppers are receptive to new things – the perfect opportunity for brands to get products in front of them.

Nothing quite like it

And whilst payment tech is a useful tool for retailers to close the sale, the touch, taste, sound and feel we get from actual shopping won’t stop us popping out to the shops anytime soon.

See how we brought an experience to customers in Tesco with this immersive canine campaign.

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