Oreo is asking you what their newest flavour is

Yes, you read that correctly! In the US, Oreo’s parent company Nabisco has unveiled a challenge for shoppers: to guess the latest flavour to hit the supermarket shelves.

Taking focus away from usual advertising campaigns, this clever marketing move asks shoppers to buy, try and submit what they think the flavour is online. One lucky winner will bag $50,000, with five others each receiving $10,000.

We think it’s a really clever way to get an already-loyal market to invest time (and more dollars) into your product.

If you’re into the more obvious biscuit flavours and like to know what you’re buying(!), check out our latest work with Oreo’s parent company this side of the pond, Mondelēz:

In Tesco stores, we designed and built this American diner-style stand where BAs interacted with and sampled the latest Oreo flavour, Chocolate Brownie, and Ice Cream Sandwiches.

There was a also a prize mechanic, where customers could win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City by scratching off the coating on a leaflet to reveal if they were a lucky winner.

Over 22,000 Tesco customers engaged with the Oreo activity. Check it out below.

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