Must read feed: Tesco reveals new voice shopping service

Tesco has recently launched the open beta of its new voice shopping service, which lets customers complete the entire shopping experience on a Google system. The Grocer (a weekly magazine covering the FMCG sector) reports that the move came to light via an email to customers inviting them to join the beta.

The full experience.

Up till now, Tesco has championed the use of a separate app, If This Then That (IFTTT) to act as a middle-man for the online experience. But whereas IFTTT only allowed customers to add items to their basket, the new voice technology empowers customers to directly complete their purchase using any device compatible with the Google Assistant, such as the Google Home, or even your Google Assistant-enabled smartphone. It will even allow customers to confirm their delivery slot.

Simply say 'OK Google, talk to Tesco' to link your Tesco account to Google and begin your new online shopping experience.

Customer first.

The launch of this service displays Tesco's enthusiasm for providing new experiences for customers. And doing a beta test to iron out any wrinkles ensures the experience will be a seamless one.

Tesco clearly understands, too, that it's not just about making the experience easier and quicker, but adding value too. The service will personalise the customer experience based on their previous shopping choices, suggesting products and offers that are likely to appeal. Customers can also add any dietary requirements to ensure they're offered the most suitable products.

Now that's service.

The End
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