Must-read feed - Burger King bosses social media

When it comes to the marketing wars between rival brands there have been some really comical examples to note.

And now, Burger King France is relying on its own social channels to extend its marketing messages to a mass audience – not physical advertisements.

First up, there was the large-scale acknowledgement of its biggest social media fan, Sullyvan K., who has single-handedly commented on Burger King France’s Facebook posts over 600 times. How did the chain say thank you? By literally putting his name above one of their restaurants. (Oh, and giving him his own gold tray for his food, a personalised parking space and even personalised Whopper packaging to boot).

But that’s not the chain’s only social media move. Now, they’re offering the fan who comments the most on a single post on Facebook the chance to win free meals for a year at Burger King. Having gone live on 19 December, the post already has a whopping 22,000 reactions, 2,500 shares and over 300,000 comments!

We love Burger King’s bold attempt at that much-hated and much-coveted term, ‘going viral’. It seems it’s working, and it won’t be long before others too follow suit.

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