Influencer Marketing 101 - What is it?

Social influencers can be a valuable asset for your brand - but what are they? In this three-part blog series, we look at what influencer marketing is, who's behind it and what your brand can gain from it.

What is influencer marketing?

There’s a lot of hype about influencer marketing (IM) and how it can take your brand to the next level - in fact, in 2017 the term 'influencer marketing' increased by 325% in Google searches*, making it the fastest-growing online procurement method of the year. But what is it? Stripping it back to its absolute basics, IM is a clever combination of content-driven marketing and brand/product endorsement.

Influencer marketing is now considered by consumers to be more trustworthy than traditional marketing methods. Consider the last new product that you purchased online - you almost certainly did some research first, perhaps watching a demo video, receiving a recommendation or reading a review. The endorsements you received might have come from a trusted person, a celebrity or even another brand. And this is where an influencer comes in: they are the trusted expert who can organically promote your product, brand or service to a considerable number of their followers.

Inbound marketing.

Marketers are looking to move their campaigns away from outbound marketing strategies and are instead focusing on inbound tactics, which is where IM can play a huge role. Unlike outbound marketing, which attempts to throw a single message or product out to the masses in the hope that it will fall upon the right ears, inbound marketing through use of influencers directs your brand’s message straight to the intended audience.

Looking ahead.

IM is seen as a key strategy in the future of marketing campaigns. It sees brands shifting their focus away from exorbitant ad campaigns and instead looking at creating and developing impactful relationships with individuals that can encourage real growth and brand awareness.

Having worked on influencer marketing campaigns in the past, we're excited about the potential of campaigns that bring together experiential marketing and influencer marketing. If you're excited too, send up the bat signal and we'll talk about what we can achieve together!


The End
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