Happy International Cat Day!

To celebrate International Cat Day, we thought we’d whisk(er) back the marketing curtain, paws for a second, then rake through the kitty litter to share with you our purrfect picks of ‘Campaigns With Cats’.

Firstly, here's Felix starring in a campaign of our own!

Once we started enthusing about our favourite feline marketing campaigns, and the very best ads featuring cuddly kittens, we realised that we could go on for days…

…luckily, phew, those helpful people at AdForum have collected together some excellent examples, ranging from stupidly cute McVitie’s Kittens, Sweeet by Valenstein & Fatt to the disturbing. Play the Skittles Canada ad – if you dare. Yeah, thanks, BBDO Toronto. That will haunt my dreams.

At the end of last year, Glimpse helped CATS take over Clapham Common Underground station in a bid to create a more thoughtful, peaceful, attractive space for commuters and travellers.

They used crowdfunding to replace the station’s usual commercial advertising with beautifully photographed, unbranded posters of cats – many from Battersea and Cats Protection and, yes, seeking new homes (and hooman servants).

It made my experiential heart happy to hear a founder of Glimpse, James Turner, say that he felt people were fed up of being advertised at, and wanted to be engaged with, and involved in a conversation or dialogue. Hence the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) and ‘Cats Not Ads’ project. On a simplistic level, swapping sales posters for cat pics appeared to lighten the day of tube users – they certainly made me, and those travellers around me, smile.

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