Experiential marketing from coffee brands

As a nation, we drink over two billion cups of coffee a year, according to a study by NPD.

And it seems coffee shops are turning to experiential marketing to deliver an experience to the millions of coffee drinkers who rely on a caffeine fix every day.

Focusing on flavour

Starbucks is taking diners on a sensory experience to promote the new Cold Brew product line. Serving various dishes, each based on coffee as the key ingredient, participants will be taken on a journey of flavour and smell.

With ticket sale proceeds from the event going to charity for that feel good factor, this will be a great way to focus in on the actual flavour of the new product.

Making coffee fun

Italian coffee company Lavazza delivered a simple yet effective experiential activity to engage rail travellers at train stations in London.

To put the fun into grabbing a coffee, passers-by were invited to step inside the Prontissimo sampling and photo booth to pose against an Italian-style backdrop. Participants were encouraged to print off a photo to keep or share the images on social media to spread the Prontissimo word.

Exhibiting expertise

But it’s not all about the coffee! Back in autumn 2016, Starbucks invited customers to its Teavana hot tea latte launch.

The #TeavanaparTEA event, as it was cleverly known, introduced the 10 new teas in a party atmosphere hosted by tea experts sharing information about the teas and brewing tips. Guests were entertained with a DJ and a GIF machine to generate fun social media-worthy photos.

Both fun and educational, the experiential activity was a great way to launch the new product into the UK market.

And while we’re on the subject, check out the experiential marketing activity we delivered for PG tips, where festival-goers got to relax with a cuppa at V Festival. Check it out here.

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