November 27, 2017
Experiential branding: beyond a logo

Bringing brands to life is about more than just slapping the logo on everything. It’s about crafting an experience and an environment that embody the brand, both visually and in terms of the brand values. At N2O we achieve this through texture, lighting, layout, materials and even sensory inputs like audio and scent.

Our pop-up store for mineral water brand evian is a perfect example of interpreting a brand in a physical space through design and delivery. As this was a flagship space in the UK for evian, we had to nail the brand look and feel to land a solid first impression with consumers. Let’s take a closer look at how we did it.

A moment of purity

Working within the physical constraints of the chosen location, our in-house creative team designed a space that evoked evian’s brand values of natural purity, healthy living and simplicity. Crisp, clean lines framed a minimalist space containing key focal points to show the product to best effect.

Going digital

Two brand showpieces bookended the space. At one end of the store, an interactive light installation displayed the new ‘Pure Drop’ bottles on illuminated plinths, which changed colour from white to evian pink if a bottle was removed. At the other end, a cool room that echoed the shape of the ‘Pure Drop’ kept the product cold and ready to buy in a chic, unique display.

Hidden storage kept the space uncluttered, and a high-quality finish upheld evian’s reputation as a premium lifestyle brand.

Good brands, safe hands

If you’re protective of your brand (and who isn’t?), you’ll be looking for agencies who respect it as much as you do. At N2O we pride ourselves on being worthy brand guardians who understand that it’s about brand ethos, not brand logos.

Are you ready to bring your brand to life?