Destination staycation: 4 'overnight experiences' we love

Reflecting the mood and limitations brought about by COVID-19, we've recently seen a flurry of 'staycation' marketing campaigns, where guests are offered a rare and unique experience not too far from home.

1. The Renegade Hotel (Jeep)

To promote the arrival of its new Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid, Jeep offered Londoners a once-in-a-lifetime extreme staycation, camped out 75m above the ground in a 'portaledge' tent suspended from one of the O2's iconic yellow pylons.

This is decidedly on-brand for Jeep, which "has always been known as a brand that enables its drivers to fulfil their outdoor adventures," according to Jeep UK country manager Damien Dally. We especially love the added details: guests were transported door-to-door in a Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid, and during their stay experienced amenities inspired by the vehicle, including a Wi-Fi hotspot and a portable power supply charged by the hybrid Renegade.

2. Fresh Prince mansion (Airbnb)

Riding a wave of Millennial nostalgia, and coinciding with the announcement of a Fresh Prince reboot, Airbnb worked with Will Smith to give Los Angeles County residents access to the original 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' mansion. Five groups (one or two people in the same household) experienced the 'freshest staycation ever', with an overnight stay in Will's wing of the mansion.

The promotion was complemented by an online experience open to fans around the world, who joined DJ Jazzy Jeff in his home studio to spin some virtual vinyl together - a clever touch that amplified the experience beyond the lucky few house guests.

3. Hell, Michigan (Airbnb)

The self-proclaimed 'mayor' of Hell, an unincorporated community located an hour's drive from Detroit, Michigan, has invited local residents to book a night in Hell via Airbnb. John Colone's spooky home will be sanitised according to Airbnb's Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, before becoming available for 3 nights in October (the spookiest month of the year). Even the price teams with the Halloween theme - at a seasonally inspired US$31 per night.

4. Miller Timeshare ( & Miller Lite)

Another staycation opportunity for Michigan residents - this time with Molson Coors's light pilsner Miller Lite. This Michigan lakehouse is designed to bring (legal age) drinkers back to 1975, the year Miller Lite was introduced nationally in the US. We like that the 70s vibe isn't limited to the décor (mod furniture, shag carpets and even an avocado-coloured kitchen) but extends to throwback experiences including a pinball machine, vinyl record player and vintage board games.

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