Channel 4 TV ads to address viewers by name

All this talk of this year’s Halloween campaigns (this early?!!!) seems to have got to our Creative team. One of our Conceptual Designers shared some ground-breaking technology this week which will change TV advertising forever, and incredible as it is, there’s no denying that it’s pretty creepy.

With the increased amount of skipping adverts that goes hand-in-hand with pre-recorded viewing, it’s imperative that TV advertising ups its game to engage viewers and add value for brands. Channel 4 is leading the way as it introduces an innovative new format for its All 4 video-on-demand advertising that not just personalises the ad campaign, but addresses the viewer audibly by name.

Brands 20th Century Fox, Foster’s and Ronseal are raring to go with campaigns all launching this month on All 4. As if 20th Century Fox’s trailer for Alien: Covenant isn’t going to be scary enough, now it will really ‘speak’ to viewers. Less frightening will be the pint with your name on it from Foster’s, then Ronseal will be encouraging viewers to get off the sofa and get DIY’ing. Spooky.

The clever technology which taps in to Channel 4’s 15 million strong registered viewer database, is developed by Innovid who continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible using video to interact with and immerse viewers.

Although, this advance will be regarded as intrusive by some and leave many a viewer looking over their shoulder, this is no doubt an exciting new step in bringing brands to life, and a reminder how using data and technology together can target consumers directly, in their own homes.

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