Celebrating World Photo Day

When we think about powerful photography, National Geographic springs to mind. With a massive worldwide following on social media (including the most Instagram followers in the world!), the brand has amassed millions of fans because of its fantastic storytelling via photography.

At a recent symposium we held at our head office, Nat Geo came in to tell us more about the strategy behind the thousands of awe-inspiring photos the brand shares.

So what’s the secret? Aside from being in the world’s most beautiful locations to get those all-important shots, the strategy itself leans on other contributors. Yes, Nat Geo gives the reins to its social media empire to the photographers themselves.

There’s no strict approval process; instead, select photographers are given the keys to the brand’s social media accounts and they’re invited to post their photos live.

Of course, it goes without saying that there will be some level of training before photographers proceed in doing so, but the very fact that they’re allowed to post straight onto social media says something about the brand – it’s about the real, raw and in-the-moment pictures which tell the best stories. And we’re all for storytelling!

Take a look at some of their photography below and on Instagram.

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