Brighton Pride: We did it again!

Once again we’ve delivered a knockout float for Pride – this time with Lynx and Superdrug. The brand and the retailer recently joined forces to support Pride with a Superdrug-exclusive limited-edition Lynx Unity deodorant and body spray, and our one-of-a-kind float brought that partnership to life.

The fantastic Lynx Unity float, designed by N2O’s creative team, paraded through central Brighton on Saturday from Hove Lawns to Preston Park carrying a four-piece band and 35 representatives from Unilever and Superdrug. We engaged an amazing troupe of dancers from a local music college to perform to a Britney Spears melody behind the float – we watched in awe at the stamina needed to perform their routine every 15 minutes for the two-and-a-half hour parade.

And did the crowds love it? You bet! The atmosphere along the parade route was electric, as the crowds responded to the live music, the dancers, the float and the sheer joy of those riding it.

To emphasise the local significance of Brighton’s Pride Parade, we made sure to involve the community as much as possible. As well as the local dancers, both the musicians and the production crew who helped assemble the float were based in Brighton.

The End
More coming soon!