Bonkers beauty trends

A dusting of glitter

Whether it’s a sprinkling along a parting to cover unsightly roots, or a heavy frosting on a beard to transform facial hair, glitter is a massive trend continuing well into the winter, as catwalk models show off glitter eyeshadow and glitter-encrusted lips:

Beard decorating

The beard-embellishment trend was pioneered in 2014 by Pierre Thiot with his bizarre ‘Will It Beard’ Tumblr project. A simple concept to see which items would stick to his beard (we kid you not!) which was catapulted into the stratosphere when flowers became the focus.

Not the only beard decorating trend it seems as men jumped on the already-established mermaid trend last year, dyeing their facial hair bright colours:

Eyebrow stylin’

Forget eyebrows on fleek, this year it was all about brightly-coloured eyebrows. Cue rainbow paint, more glitter and pastel shades:

Hair stencilling

An interesting way to express yourself, hair stencilling involves dyeing images and patterns straight onto hair:

Crystal lips

Step aside glitter lips, crystal lips are here with tiny crystals glued to lips with liquid lipstick and super-stay gloss. An interesting look, but I’m not sure it’s something I’d try to replicate:

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