Amazon delves deeper into useful technology

As the success of Echo continues to grow, Amazon has now launched the Echo Look – a ‘hands-free camera and style assistant’.

Available exclusively by invitation, the rounded unit captures full length images and videos by voice, so users can ask Alexa to check out their outfit before they leave the house. Why not just use a mirror, you ask? Well that’s not its only feature…

Computer says no

Using machine learning, as it takes more photos, the unit will consult ‘learning algorithms’ to best-advise the user on which outfit they should pick for their day ahead.

Seamless experience

The outfit-checking experience is controlled entirely by voice – with no clunky buttons, it delivers a totally seamless experience to get that second opinion on an outfit, albeit from a computer.

The take up of the unit will be interesting to see, but with a hands-free camera with built-in lighting and features like a background blur for when you’re taking a photo, it’s likely to get to fashionistas – and those without a keen eye for fashion – excited around the world.

Check it out here.

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