December 18, 2017
A very pol-AR Christmas

Usually found head down, coding, our Digital expert Junaid took the opportunity to show off his latest innovation to the rest of the agency - an iPad-based Augmented Reality game that brought a snowy-scened snowball fight right into the office.

Not only did we have fun channelling our inner Buddy the Elf, pelting penguins with as many snowballs as possible, but we also got to enjoy that feel-good factor, basking in a little bit of the Digital Team’s glory - after all, having an AR experience to your name is pretty cool.

Competition aside, exploring our in-house digital capabilities certainly sparked some creative conversations. We’ve been using Virtual Reality for a while to connect customers with brands (see how we did it for KRUPS and Felix), and looking at industry trends, it seems we’ll be using Augmented Reality a whole lot more to engage customers as part of our experiential campaigns.

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