5 recent experiential ideas that made us say 'wow'

1. No Escape Room (Parkinson's NSW)

To raise awareness of Parkinson's disease, Parkinson's NSW delivered a shocking twist on the popular 'escape room' concept. Escape Room experts and creators were invited to test and rate a new room. But they didn't know that each challenge was designed to represent a symptom of Parkinson's disease - simulating what life is like for those who live with it. The players fumbled with stiff shoelaces, struggled to pour tea from a tethered pot, and puzzled over a frustrating double-sided jigsaw puzzle. This 'exercise in empathy' was also paired with an interactive digital experience, allowing everyone to explore the challenges of living with Parkinson's.

2. Natural Cooling bus shelter (JCDecaux)

Recent rising summer temperatures have led to the formation of urban heat islands within cities, which impact on the wellbeing of those who live there. In response, JCDecaux has designed a smart bus shelter that uses the principle of cooling by evaporation to provide comfort during heatwaves. Hot air entering the shelter flows through a wet honeycomb-shaped panel. The water evaporates, drawing heat from the air around it and creating a natural drop in temperature of up to 10 degrees Celsius. The shelter is designed to be highly sustainable, with a roof tank to gather rainwater and solar panels to power the fans that activate on still days.

3. Create with Air Max (Nike Japan)

The Nike Air Max Zine lets your colour your own sneakers using Augmented Reality. Developed as a way to engage creators and consumers without physical events, this campaign has been described as an "online to offline to off-the-page content experience". If that's not quite clear, why not just watch the video?

4. Self-timing soap (Lush + Deliveroo)

This clever little innovation helps consumers understand how long they really need wash their hands for to protect themselves from COVID-19. Deliveroo UAE will include these single-use bars, launched by Lush at the beginning of July, with food service deliveries, providing consumers with both education and the opportunity to sample the Lush brand.

5. Shiny Movie Ticket (Li Peitong)

This one couldn't be simpler, and that's what makes it so elegant. Designer Li Peitong created this award-winning response to the age-old conundrum - how do I check my seat number when I'm already in the dark cinema? On the Shiny Movie Ticket, the row and seat number are marked out in perforation, allowing the light from the movie screen to reveal the answer.

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