Smart Mass Sampling

Our award-winning Smart Mass Sampling provides a strategic approach designed for volume and reach. Our goal is to amplify your brand's exposure at those pivotal moments, ensuring your products are not only seen but truly experienced. By leveraging our vast partnerships with industry leaders like Amazon, Just Eat, and Airbnb, Smart Mass Sampling promises unparalleled reach. Brands can tap into a potential audience of approximately 50 million consumers spanning 20 million UK households, hotels, and other venues. But we’re not just about breadth; our focus is also on depth. Each sample is an opportunity to foster a genuine connection between your brand and consumers, building trust and affinity.

Super Sample
Super Sample is where precision meets power. A step beyond our Smart Mass Sampling, it’s a fusion of two powerful sampling networks: N2O's massive outreach and Triyit's data-driven, targeted sampling approach. Together, they make a comprehensive experience - targeting the right audiences with the right products, backed by intricate audience analytics. Super Sample isn’t just about distribution; it's about intelligent engagement. With detailed campaign assessments, educational product trials, and turnkey solutions supported by two expert teams, Super Sample provides a multi-faceted, insightful sampling strategy tailored to your brand’s specific objectives - all without breaking the bank.

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Having worked with N2O throughout 2021 we are incredibly excited to strengthen our partnership with them throughout 2022. We are currently shaping various different tailored opportunities throughout 2022 targeting key seasonal moments and events, which we are keen to share across the coming weeks
Seb Luker

Growth Manager – Commercial Partnerships - HelloFresh