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We collaborate closely with industry leaders to deliver innovative and effective brand activation solutions. Our partnerships are designed to create memorable consumer experiences that drive engagement and build lasting relationships.
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Launched in 2015 as Tesco's official experiential partner, Taste at Tesco offers brands and charities a unique opportunity to engage directly with consumers through sampling & experiential events, both in-store and online, with the UK's leading retailer, Tesco.

The service is designed to maximise engagement and sales through bespoke campaigns. Leveraging Tesco's massive footfall to provide unparalleled brand exposure, enhancing customer interaction and brand visibility.

Visit the Taste at Tesco website to find out more

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We developed Superdrug Experience to offer a dynamic platform for brands to activate their products in-store, enabling direct engagement with customers through a variety of creative activations such as store takeovers, experiential events, and influencer collaborations.

The service aims to transform Superdrug into a central hub for beauty inspiration, delivering meaningful experiences that enhance brand visibility and foster deep connections with consumers.

Visit Superdrug Experience to find out more

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Managed by N2O North, Boots Live Experience (BLE) is an innovative in-store brand activation service designed to maximise brand engagement directly with shoppers. The service delivers impactful, insight-led campaigns that create memorable experiences for customers.

Brands can engage customers through experiential activities, out-of-home promotions, educational masterclasses, and social and influencer marketing strategies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to boosting brand visibility and sales within the Boots' retail environment​.

Visit Boots Live Experience to find out more

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In 2023, we collaborated with Amazon Ads to introduce a Data-Driven Sampling solution that not only places products into the hands of interested consumers but also captures valuable opt-in data, fostering ongoing engagement and ensuring every sample connects with a potential customer.

This partnership harnesses the power of Amazon’s data, media and eCommerce, combined with our extensive expertise in sampling.
We have recently partnered with ASM Global to transform live event marketing in the UK. Our innovative marketing techniques will now be combined with ASM Global's top-quality live event spaces, enabling us to promote brands more effectively.

Through this collaboration, we can provide brands with new opportunities to connect with extensive audiences using accurate, analytics-driven marketing strategies that offer both widespread reach and precision.