Made to be broken.

Our unmissably massive tub of Magnum brought a whole new level of ‘surprise and delight’ to Tesco foyers in Spring 2017 to launch an exciting new way to enjoy the iconic crack of Magnum chocolate in an ice cream tub.

Magnum-lovers couldn’t avoid the huge eye-catching ‘crack me’ arrow inviting them to crack the lid on our lonely tub in the foyer. But would they be brave enough to take the plunge?

We watched from afar as up to 30 curious customers approached our tub with caution, looking over their shoulders and daring each other to do it. Would they or wouldn’t they ‘crack me’? This would be a case of who dares wins! Plucky customers bold enough to crack the top were pleasantly surprised to find a prize well worth the risk - from an iPad, an experience day or gift voucher.

Between takes (the tub made its solo appearance four times each day), customers entering the store were sent over to the freezer aisle where they could taste, see and hear all about the cracking new ice cream for themselves, connecting them directly with the product to buy right there from the freezer shelves and enjoy their favourite ice cream from a tub at home.

Our Creatives created something fun, mischievous, unexpected but totally relevant, with a concept that played on the main message of the big tubs - squeeze the tub to crack the thick Magnum chocolate shell around the ice cream – to come up with our ‘crack pot’.


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“Feedback from shoppers on how much they enjoyed the element of surprise ... really shows the success of this campaign."

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