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There are no egos here and no-one nor any department is an island. All departments share ideas, expertise and insight. It’s our collaborative style of working that gets us where you want to be! So, in no particular order – because they all input on all campaigns - the team are:

Julia is our Head of Client Services and is super accident prone! Once she fell off her bike on safari in Cambodia & had to be rescued by the support truck!

Julia Collis
Head of Client Services

Clare James is one of N2O's founders and is a serial marketing expert.She loves to find solutions that really work for brands and bring meaningful experiences to consumers!

Clare James
Chief Operating Officer

Nigel is our Head of Creative services and created the Clubcard key-fob. That was actually him! It makes us smile when we think that that idea is in millions of people’s pockets!!

Nigel Clifton
Head of Creative Services

Ben is our Head of Client Development and spent part of lock down trying to perfect the Bakewell Tart by having a baking competition with his Mother in Law! They both now do not eat Bakewell Tart…..

Ben Goss
Head of Client Development

Adam Is our Head of Development and is a huge fan of retro gaming. So much so he has FIVE arcade machines in his house!

Adam Dawes
Head of Development

Sally is our Head of Talent Management, but still finds time to play competitive netball every single week! Also, her maiden and married names are THE SAME! And no she did not marry a relative...

Sally Macmillan
Head of Talent Management

Grant is our Head of Operations. When sky diving, base jumping and riding motorcycles got too dangerous for him, he took up micro-lighting and making very strong cocktails!

Grant Finney
Head of Operations

Kristin is our Head of Finance, when she was only 15, knowing none of the language, she spent an entire year in Brazil as an exchange student! It was was one of her most rewarding experiences, totally setting her up for life! #brave

Kristin Warrior
Head of Finance

Terrence is one of the founders. Not only does he run the business but also boxes, races, plays golf... There's no ends to his talents!

Terrence Woodward
Chief Executive Officer
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